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18 October 2021

Back after the Bubbles (Returning to school in September)

I set my alarm on the 31st August, so joyful because I was going to have a fresh start and a new start means a new me. I was so excited about what obstacles I could overcome but not sure COVID-19 was going to give us another year of grief. It was like Covid did heads or tails, heads in no restrictions and tails is the opposite and it was heads! All of the 18 months humdrum rules are now gone!  Everything will go back to normal where everything was peaceful, not stressful.

I’ve always loved being part of such an amazing school and I thought that my final and best year was going to be restricted but thankfully it wasn’t. All of the things are back to normal with theme weeks, school trips, visitors and school trips. We just had a very joyful science and technology week filled with action packed challenges to overcome but to also learn for later in our lives. A visitor called Wonderstruck came in and did some fascinating things and everyone watched it with their faces filled with amazement. The football teams and other sports teams have also started training and the team is about to play HolyTrinity and Oldfield.

I am so proud to call myself a student of Lowbrook Academy and even more proud by the resilience that everyone had in the pandemic. But now we’re back to normal; back to being Happy, Healthy, High Achievers!

By Dhruvansh